Welcome, Lily Swanbrow Becker

On February 1, CUHF welcomed Lily Swanbrow Becker as our Associate Director.

Lily is an ecologist and facilitator who brings a body of experience spanning the environmental and psychosocial dimensions of climate change resilience to her new role with the Council on the Uncertain Human Future. Prior to joining CUHF, Lily served as Network Manager at the American Society of Adaptation Professionals and Climate Change Coordinator for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Her full range of experience to-date includes positions and consultancies across non-profit, public, and academic institutions with focus on strategic planning, network building, professional development, and most recently, supporting people and organizations in building psychological resilience for life in a changing climate. Lily graduated from the University of Michigan and has a Masters degree in Conservation Biology from Texas State University. Lily lives in North Florida where she enjoys hiking the region’s pine flatwoods, swamplands, and Gulf Coast beaches with her partner, two young children, and dog.

I am honored and excited to join CUHF in the Associate Director role. I’m grateful for the opportunity to deepen my own life’s work and to be of service to this meaningful and ever-evolving process. I look forward to supporting and stewarding our CUHF network with care, and hope to come to know many of you in the coming days and weeks as we sit, listen, and create together.

Lily also joins 16 new members of CUHF, as part of the second session of the Rando Partnership Council, which offers the CUHF experience to people working on climate issues in a range of institutional, government, non-profit and private settings.

Please join us in welcoming Lily!