Rethinking Our Destructive Relationship with the Natural World

Rethinking “Our Destructive Relationship with the Natural World 4.6.2020
Jane Goodall
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“Wildlife trafficking and the destruction of the natural world bring us into closer contact with wildlife and expose humans to new diseases caused by viruses that cross the species barrier to us.” Solutions are known, laws to protect wildlife that also protect human communities. In “the window of time remaining” we must “heal the harm we have inflicted on the natural world—of which we are a part…and stop stealing the future from our children and from the other species with whom we share our home.”

“Scientist, conservationist, peacemaker, mentor, in nearly 60 years studying humans’ closest relatives Jane Goodall has shown the urgent need to protect chimpanzees from extinction and has redefined species conservation to include the needs of local people and the environment.”