The impossible has already happened

The impossible has already happened 4.7.2020
Rebecca Solnit
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“Disasters begin slowly and never really end.” Our task is to understand what this moment might require, make possible. Proximity of death in shared calamity can make people more urgently alive, less attached to small things, more committed to the common good — but not necessarily. We have choices. Life was already “a catastrophe of desperation and exclusion for many.” Now is the time to start looking for chances to help decide what direction the future will take, “as many of us are preparing to do.”

Freelance writer, and author of A Paradise Built in Hell, among many long-form articles and best-selling books, the most recent, Whose Story Is This? Old Conflicts, New Chapters, Rebecca Solnit joined the founding group at an early meeting of the Council on the Uncertain Human Future.