A Reader for this Moment

A Reader for this Moment brings together writings and videos especially relevant and necessary for the challenges of this time. Some of the entries are written by members of the CUHF; others are by writers they are reading now.

A group of Council members convened for an International gathering in May 2019 at Wellesley College, with a focus on Given what we know, how do we live now? In advance of the meeting, members offered readings or videos as resources for the work ahead. A Reader for this Moment thus emerged from our quest for transformative insight, inspiration, information, truth-telling, compassion, visioning, and possibilities for action at this time.

Reading of the Month

Paul Kingsnorth & Douglas Hine

Excerpts from The Dark Mountain Manifesto

W. S. Merwin

The Wild Geese

Roy Scranton

Learning to Die in the Anthropocene

Bill McKibben

The Size of the Board in Falter

Elizabeth Monson

The Poetics of Natural Being

Brian Calvert

So what if we’re doomed

Kathleen Dean Moore & Sue Ellen Campbell

Why We Won’t Quit the Climate Fight

Libby Roderick

This Holy Earth

Georgina Kenyon

“If the land is sick, you are sick”

Mary Annaise Heglar

Climate Change Ain’t the First Existential Threat

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A Message from the Future

Meghan Kallman

Three Practices for a Time of Crisis

Winona La Duke

Find Your Mettle

Wen Stephenson

Learning to Live in the Dark

Dahr Jamail & Barbara Cecil

How Then Shall We Live?

Deena Metzger

Extinction Illness: Grave Affliction and Possibility

Catherine Ingram

Facing Extinction


Of Endings and Risings

David Collings

Stolen Future, Broken Present