Council Sessions & Interviews


The reunion meeting of the UHF Council at La Mesita Ranch in February 2016 was filmed in its entirety. Please view the complete sessions here:

Day 1, Session 1 What is happening in your own work on climate change?

Day 1, Session 2 What is happening in your work, continued…

Day 1, Session 3 What is taking place on the planet, and why?

Day 1, Session 4 What are the implications of this situation?

Day 2, Session 1 Who are we humans?

Day 2, Session 2 So much suffering is built into the planetary changes…
yet continuing to try is necessary. Why? How?

Day 2, Session 3 What is our vision for this time?


Each member of the Council was interviewed about their own most pressing concerns during the Council reunion; you can view those interviews here:

Willa Miller | Diana Chapman Walsh | Susi Moser | Joanie Kleypas | Mary Catherine Batson | Kathleen Dean Moore | Camille Seaman | Beth Sawin | Sarah Buie