In the spirit of Council

Thoughts toward creating a CUHF session on Zoom
Sarah Buie

If you’d asked me back in 2014 (when the first CUHF sessions were held) what factors are critical to its success – to the deepening of collective thought and insight – I’d have said (in this order): its members, the Council process and the container it creates, thoughtful and provocative prompts, a sense of ample time, a supportive space with a circle of chairs and a view to the outdoors, and good food.

Now, as in so many aspects of our lives, we’re forced to pare back. This CUHF via Zoom will bring our members together, and we have the Council process and the prompts… for that we are grateful, and trust it is enough.

But to support the process of deepening and presence for ourselves, and between us, I’d like to propose the following:

Be intentional. In lieu of the journey to a special gathering with the group, build some space in your day around this Council time. Request of family that you not be interrupted during the session. Take a walk or stretch ahead of our call.

Be present. In lieu of the circle of chairs and a shared view, allow yourself a short period to set up a conducive space to sit while we meet. Choose a comfortable seat where you feel focused, light a candle, take a few minutes to relax / breath / meditate if you can. Choose a talking piece you can pick up at your turn to speak, be it a rock, stick, or meaningful object. Feel free to have a cup of tea, but plan to eat before or after the Council session.

As for Zoom practices
Be sure we can see you well in terms of light and location.
Please mute when you’re not speaking.
Please don’t use the chat function unless asked to in response to a prompt.
You’ll be called on to respond, given that we can’t (yet) devise a reliable circle on the screen.

Needless to say, this is an experiment… this morphing Zoom into a sacred space.
We’ll make changes along the way as needed.
Thanks for being willing… let’s go for it!