What is the social and political context in which we meet?
          The Earth has been and is being altered by humans…how so, and why?
What does this breakdown mean for life on Earth?
                       How do we, individually and collectively, choose to respond?
              Given what we know, how do we live now?


Imagine sitting with a small group of people who are ready to look honestly at our planetary crisis—engaging it through these questions, and within a Council practice.

We begin by locating ourselves within the turbulence of our social and political systems, and this extractive economy. Reviewing the symptoms of breakdown in the ecosystem and climate, we explore the root causes of the crisis—cultural, political, economic, psychological and spiritual. Together, we consider the implications of what is taking place. We lean into the loss and uncertainty. We offer possibilities for our individual and collective behavior. Finally, we ask how we might live now, given what we are coming to know.

In the Council on the Uncertain Human Future, we stay with what we come to see…allowing the complexity, uncertainty, vision and possibility to emerge from reckoning with this unprecedented reality. In a gradual collective way, new solidarity, momentum, creative insight and collaboration become possible.

Council members share why the process is so valuable and timely:

“The time for imagining ourselves as the pinnacle of all creation… the ones who are in control of the natural world, the ones who are separate from and in competition with everything else… that set of ideas is gone. Who are we then in relation to the Earth and to one another? Are we deeply kin to the rest of creation? Are we part of this great creative urgency of the universe? How then shall we live?”