In Witness


Over much of 2020 (in the heart of the pandemic), two powerful exhibitions were on view at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA.

In December, a small group of CUHF members visited the museum together, and reflected on what they had seen. Nara Garber documented the experience, and created this film.

More on the making of In Witness, here.


Nara Garber is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker with experience in all genres and a strong preference for content with redeeming social and/or educational value. She directs, produces, shoots, and edits, and finds motivation in the unique ability of film to open hearts and challenge assumptions.


How to Move a Landscape is the largest and most ambitious exhibition to date by artist Blane De St. Croix, who explores geopolitical landscape and environmental issues. His research-intensive art involves years of field work and collaboration with leading climate scientists. How to Move a Landscape features drawings and sculpture alongside newly commissioned large-scale installations that incorporate new scientific findings about the Earth’s dissolving permafrost layer. It features a film by Tony Gerber with music by Mick Rossi.

In Ledelle Moe’s exhibition When, weathered, monolithic heads and figures variously bring to mind the relics of an ancient civilization or statues toppled in the wake of political upheaval. On close examination, what appears to be timeworn stone reveals itself as concrete, and the massive forms show themselves to be constructed from many smaller sections…. Moe’s works… grapple with the contradictions between our monuments and memorials and our lived realities — which encompass both the individual and the collective, a sense of place and displacement, permanence and impermanence.