Top to bottom, left to right: Jane Androski, Sarah Buie, Les Blatt, Alice Chiang, Yonder Gillihan, Craig Cornelius, Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor, Kevin Gallagher, Megan Holmes, Sarah Ray, Krista Hiser, David Hart, Wendy Miles, Laura McKee, Jacqueline Mayrand, Asher Miller.

Launched 2021 | virtual

The Rando Partnership Council was convened in late spring/early summer 2021. It offered the CUHF experience to a medley of people working on climate issues in a range of institutional, government, non-profit and private settings, and who had expressed interest in the process. A second Rando Council convened in Winter 2022.

Spring 2021 Participants | Winter 2022 Participants