EcoSattva Council

Participants in the Fall 2017 Eco-Sattva Council. Front row, left to right: Lama Willa Blythe Baker, Hank Reisner, Liz Monson, Tamara Pride, Katia Ancona. Back row, left to right: Barbara Waldorf, Kay Cafasso, Bob Morrison, Dorothy Currier, Tamara Daly, Sarah Buie.

Launched 2017

Members of the Natural Dharma Fellowship (NDF) began a Council on the Uncertain Human Future in October 2017, and held two further meetings in the winter and spring of 2018. NDF is a Tibetan Buddhist sangha or community guided by Lama Willa Miller (National CUHF Council member) and Liz Monson. Its retreat center, Wonderwell Mountain Refuge, is located in Springfield, New Hampshire.

The term EcoSattva couples eco or ecology with Boddhisattva, an enlightened being wholly dedicated to the freedom and well-being of others. Council members have a wide range of personal and professional experiences related to environment and climate change.

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