Third Council at Clark University convenes

The third Council on the Uncertain Human Future held at Clark includes members of both the faculty and staff. It was held in two sessions in late January and early February of 2017 at the Higgins School of Humanities. Members included (front row, left to right) Amy Wynne (Studio Art), Amber Murrey (IDCE), Deb Robertson (Biology), Rachael Shea (Goddard Library), Dana Bauer (Marsh Institute), (second row, right to left) Amy Richter (Higgins School and History), Walter Wright (Philosophy), Srini Sitaraman (Political Science), Jenny Isler (Sustainable Clark), Rinku Roy Chowdhury (Geography) and Sarah Buie (V&PA).

A special one-day Council is planned for the spring, and a student Council is in the works as well.