Navigating Together

Council member Beth Sawin has launched a new blog, Navigating Together, Systems Thinking for Turbulent Times. On it she offers insightful and often poetic perspectives on what we are facing at this time:

The resistance reaches out, branches, entangles, like vines or capillaries. It is complicated, even partially contradictory, and redundant in places. It is colorful and multi-lingual. The resistance multi-tasks. It feeds the baby with one hand and paints the banner with the other. It grows food in the back yard after the day-job. The resistance is hand made. It argues with itself, and soul searches, and, at its best, it learns. The metaphors that come to mind for me: neurons wiring up in a newborn brain, soil regenerating after years of mistreatment, tendrils reaching out for each other. It’s hard to find a straight line anywhere.

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