Good Earth series

Esha Chiocchio, photographer and Santa Fe CUHF anchor, collaborated with Mary-Charlotte Domandi and editor Madison McClintock to create the Good Earth series, a multimedia showcase of regenerative agriculture projects across New Mexico. This body of work tells the story of agrarians modeling the practices needed to repair our soils and heal local ecosystems. It was produced with support from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture Healthy Soils Program.

Watch the trailer for this powerful series below, and see the full body of work on Esha’s website.

Esha Chiocchio is passionate about environmental conservation and the preservation of traditional wisdom. She has photographed around the globe for publications, non-profit organizations, and commercial clients including National Geographic, Newsweek and Bonefish Grill. With bachelors degrees in Anthropology and French and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Communities, she uses her photography to highlight societal and climate solutions.

She is Climate Solutions Coordinator for the Santa Fe Watershed Association, where she wrote the Forest and Water Climate Adaptation plan for Santa Fe and leads the Climate Masters program. She is also former vice-chair of the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission and co-founder of Renewable Energy Day at the NM State Capitol.