Dharma Lessons for these Times

EcoSattva Council member and Buddhist scholar Karin Meyers invokes the need for Dharma in this time of crisis, in her piece “Climate, Corona, and Collapse: The Dharma was Made for these Times”.

Those of us who are able … have a moral obligation to direct our energies toward cultivating the knowledge, skills, and networks we will need to build resilient communities capable of meeting the next crisis—independent of governmental aid. At the same time, we need to work together to build coalitions … and find creative ways … to put pressure on those in power to restore the social safety net and reverse the course on climate change.

This work will look different for each of us, but an important part of it will be shaping narratives about the meaning and lessons of COVID-19 in ways that support a Dharmic vision of the world. In a time when we are all groping to make sense of what is happening, the stories we tell ourselves and each other will play a powerful role in healing our individual and collective trauma and inspiring action.

Read Karin’s full article for a deep dive into the ways that the Dharma might shape the stories we tell in this fight for a better world.