Higher Ed Threshold Council

Top right: Members of the Higher Ed Threshold Council convene in-person at MassMOCA in February 2024; Bottom left: Members of the Virtual Higher Ed Threshold Council gather for their first session online.

What Matters Now in Higher Ed   |  Launched 2024

In higher ed, many of us feel the dissonance and shortfall between our current institutions / practices, and the enormous, interdependent dislocations and dissolutions underway throughout the planet.

The inaugural CUHF Threshold Council, launched in February 2024, brings together members of the CUHF higher ed community to consider what matters now for higher education. Two Council groups—one gathering in-person and one virtually—explore what is truly needed for ourselves, our students and the world.

Can we as educators expand our awareness, revise our practices, meet and live (with our students) into the upheavals underway? Can institutions of higher ed re-imagine our role, responsibilities and possibilities in these unprecedented times? And how do we do this together, in community?

The CUHF Threshold Council Series encourages new venturing—even leaning into the cracks—for and through our callings, our work.

In-Person Participants  |  Virtual Participants