Berkshire Waldorf High School, 2017 Council: Front row, left to right: Solomon Bennett, Noah Pott, Valentino Major, Ezra Gudeon.
Back row, left to right: Paul LeVasseur (facilitator), Cora Rydingsword, Sebastian Lamond, Abigail Stearn, Daniel Papscum, Dimitri Koufis, Walter Wright (facilitator), (Laura Coe missing).

Berkshire Waldorf High School, 2019 Council: Front row, left to right: Sadie Curtis, Pia Whyte, Paul LeVasseur
Back row, left to right: Blue Spitzer, Mattie Vandiver, Isiah Goewey, Cora Rydingsword, Craig Ripley, Walter Wright (facilitator).

Launched 2017 | Berkshire Waldorf High School, Stockbridge MA

The first CUHF at BWHS was held in three meetings in 2017-18 with members of the senior class (Class of 2018) participating. It was the first UHF Council to be convened in a high school, and was facilitated by Walter Wright, professor emeritus at Clark University and Paul LeVasseur of SIT. It has now become an annual event, and two more Councils have been held (2018-19 and 2019-20), including interested students throughout the school.

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