Joanna Macy on Seeing in the Dark

In a remarkable interview of Joanna Macy by journalist Dahr Jamail, she speaks of our work in these times:

What is called of us now, from the planet? What are we being called to do at this time?

To wake up together… It’s hard to wake up alone now. It’s scary to see even what is going on. But there is almost no limit, I’ve come to believe, to what we can do with the love and support of each other. There is almost no limit to what we can do for the sake of each other. This taps into the Bodhisattva heart. That’s that hero figure of Mahayana Buddhism, “the one with the boundless heart.” The one who realizes there is no private salvation.

If you are going to wake up, you have to wake up together. Never has that been more true than now, at this stage of late stage corporate capitalism.

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