Resource Hub

The Council members network includes people with a wide range of expertise in and commitment to work beneficial in these times. Some of those people (and the organizations and projects with which they are affiliated) are included below. This page is a work in progress, with more specific information to be added shortly.

The CUHF experience itself builds community and creative momentum among those who participate in it, and many collaborations have developed from it. May this Resource Hub serve to link you to new possibilities with a Council ally.

Climate Interactive

Beth Sawin

350 Central MA

Errica Saunders & Pat Benjamin

Wonderwell Mountain Refuge

Willa Miller & Liz Monson

Paulson initiative, Wellesley College

Suzanne Langridge

A new Earth Conversation

Ellen Foley, Sarah Buie and more

Raising Coral Costa Rica

Joanie Kleypas

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology

Mary Evelyn Tucker

Studio Echelman

Janet Echelman

Global Warming Express

Genie Stevens, Esha Chiocchio, Bobbe Besold

Sowing Solutions Permaculture

Kay Cafasso


Mandira Shrestha

Climate Disobedience Center

Tim DeChristopher

SeedBroadcast Collective

Chrissie Orr

Extinction Rebellion

Bobbe Besold

New Mexico group

Climate Cultures

Wallace Heim

Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and NRM

Dibya Gurung

New Mexico Climate Masters

Esha Chiocchio

Student Environmental Resource Center

UC Berkeley

Sharon Daraphonhdeth

Earth Care New Mexico

Ruby Lopez

New England Council Collective

Bonnie Mennell


Tony Bebbington & Denise Humphreys Bebbington

Global Land Programme

Rinku Roy Chowdhury

Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel

Edward Carr, Climate Change

Adaptation Adviser

Climate Psychiatry Alliance

Robin Cooper

Global Environment Facility

Edward Carr

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Mary Selkirk, Diana Chapman Walsh, Phoebe Schenker

Center for Emergent Diplomacy

Merle Lefkoff

Office of Sustainability, Swarthmore College

Aurora Winslade

One Heart Zen

John Bailes

Buddhist Chaplaincy, Wellesley College

John Bailes

Emergent Resilience

Kevin Gallagher

Mangalam Research Center

Karin Meyers

MIT Climate Portal

John Fernandez

MIT Faculty group